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2021 Ciderkin - SALE

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Tasting Notes

Popeye sticks, sweet tarts candy, banana, pineapple, rose, nectarine, peach, sharp and yet smooth.


ABV: 3%

Availability | Bottled: Yes // Draft: No

The ciderkin revival is real!  This is one of the first made in Canada.  What is ciderkin?  Ciderkin is made by rehydrated spent apple pomace for a day or few then repressing the pomace to create a low alcohol cider that isn’t low on flavour.  The 2021 vintage was 100% wild fermented.  A very low dose of sulphites and a semi-aerobic fermentation were used to maximize the funkiness.  Think a traditional Spanish-style cider in terms of flavour but with half the alcohol.

Sediment will form in bottles.  Gently rouse or carefully pour off the sediment.

Contains sulphites

750 ml


Junction Orchard Apples and Water


Sweetness: 5g/l, 1.002, 0.5ºB

Release date: March 2022

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