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Sangria Cider

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Tasting Notes

Rich blueberry and smooth, supple pinot noir forward red wine, seamlessly entangled, dance upon a bed of coruscating passionfruit. A mild sweetness gives way to a dry, subtle, mineral forward blueberry finish that won't let you leave the party.


ABV: 6.2%

Availability | Bottled: Yes // Draft: Yes

Our dynamic Sangria Cider is back!  This time in blueberry and passionfruit form.  For this edition we blended a pinot noir forward red wine blend from Roost Winery into a special batch of cider.  We then added blueberry juice and passionfruit juice for an all season experience.

Contains sulphites


BC apple juice, Sweetners (blueberry juice, passionfruit juice), Roost Winery red wine blend, and yeast


Sweetness: 10 g/l, 1.004, 1ºB from blueberry juice and passionfruit juice

Release date: January 2023